Teleconference Update - A note from Jim Cox, WHF President and CEO.
View a brief report for all interested in teleconferencing and how it can benefit humanitarian aid efforts.

5th Global Forum on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery- Announcement
The Geneva University Hospital and the World Heart Foundation, with the support of the World Health Organisation, announce this forum in Geneva, Switzerland, June 4-6, 2009.

Share the Wealth-
A program for all interested in humanitarian aid.

VinaCapital, Campaign for Children's Hearts  - Teleconference Announcement
VinaCapital Foundation announces this teleconference. An invitation, final program, and sign on process can be accessed through these links.

4th Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine - Announcement
Gift of Life International, International Children’s Heart Foundation and International Hospital for Children announce this forum to take place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, December 3-5, 2008.

China Cardiovascular Surgery Education - Progress
Tom Pezzella describes progress in the education of cardiothoracic surgery trainees at Shanghai Chest Hospital.

Russian Cardiovascular Surgery - Current status
On Location, Tom Pezzella describes  the history, current status and efforts of the cardiothoracic community to improve cardiac surgery in Russia, a country with a well establiched history in cardiothoracic surgery.

Global Report announced
The second global report of Pediatric Heart Disease has been published by  Children's HeartLink, click here.

Live Your Passion - And the Winners are:
Bill Novick of International Children's Heart Foundation  was nominated for and is a winner of the Frederique Constant (Geneva) Passion Award. The award given yearly recognizes a commitment to and success in one's chosen field. As a co-winner he was selected from 10 finalists representing 7 countries at the annual ceremony, June 28, 2007. For more details click here.

3rd Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
was held in Geneva, Switzerland, May 24-26, 2007. To see details click here. To see dinner meeting photo click here.

Save-A-Heart in Santiago, Dominion Republic
Carlos Troconis of Save-A-Heart Foundation reports program development in Santiago, DR during a poster session of the World Society for Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery. To see poster (2.7 MB file)  click here.

India Cardiovascular Surgery - Current status
On Location, Tom Pezzella describes the history, current status and efforts of the cardiothoracic community to improve cardiac surgery in India, a country with a rapidly growing economy and medical care system.

Arequipa Masson Accomplished
CardioStart International, Mission to Peru , September 17 - 30, 2006.

Visit to Mexico
On Location, Tom Pezzella describes click here the history and efforts of the humanitarian community to improve cardiac surgery in Mexico, a country with an evolving medical care system. Several US surgeons are performing cardiac surgery for congenital heart disease.

WHF 2006 Executive Summary Published
The President and CEO of World Heart Foundation, Jim Cox MD, has published its 2006 Executive Summary. See details at WHF Executive Summary.

E-letter Published
Enginering World Health, has published its most recent E-News with Summer Program application, Internships in Tanzania, CUREs Award winner, and Projects That Matter, Really Matter announcements.

Global Study of Children's Cardiac Health
Children's HeartLink to begin next phase of this report to explore the state of children’s heart disease and identify organizations and strategies across the globe that are successfully responding to the causes and consequences of children’s heart disease. To see press release or if you are interested in participating click here.

Secretary Tommy G. Thompson
Secretary Tommy G. Thompson was in Minneapolis, MN to address friends and supporters of Children's HeartLink. The reception was hosted by Drs. William and Nadine McGuire and focused on the power of medical diplomacy. Secretary Thompson spoke passionately that the spreading of democracy ". . . includes our most effective arsenal against terrorists and the forces of oppression: education, compassion and medicine." Elizabeth Bickel, President of Children's HeartLink commented, "The mission of Children's HeartLink is to save lives and build capacity, but as we’ve done that around the world, we’ve come to understand something else: We don’t just have the power to repair hearts. We have the power to change them. There are no cultural, religious, racial or political boundaries in the operating rooms where we work. Only shared humanity and shared concern over the heart of a child." The event was a fundraiser to further the mission of Children's HeartLink.

Progress in Peru
On Location, Chuck Mulhern describes click here the latest in a multiphase effort to establish a cardiac unit in Arequipa. Twelve accomplishments are sited using many local and donated resources. The next mission is expected in September 2006

Visit Vietnam
On Location, Tom Pezzella describes click here;the efforts of the humanitarian community to improve cardiac surgery in Vietnam, a country undergoing vast social, economic, and political changes. Many surgeons in 10 centers are performing cardiac surgery for rheumatic and congenital heart disease and, with increasing westernization, stenting for coronary artery disease.

Visit Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Preparing Ice for Surface Cooling On Location, Tom Pezzella describes click here the efforts of the humanitarian community to improve cardiac surgery in Mongolia, a country undergoing vast social, economic, and political changes. The majority of cases seen at the cardiac care center involve rheumatic valve disease and congenital heart disease. However, as the population becomes more urbanized and the Mongolian diet becomes more westernized, coronary artery disease is becoming more prevalent.

William Novick Receives International Humanitarian Award
William Novick and Young PatientAt the Third Annual International Cardiac Outreach Conference, James Cox awarded the World Heart Foundation's International Humanitarian Award to William M. Novick, M.D. for his devotion to improving the health of children with congenital heart disease. He is the founder of the International Children's Heart Foundation and devotes his practice to providing cardiac care to children with congenital heart defects throughout the world. Dr. Novick is the Paul Nemir, Jr., M.D., Professor of International Child Health at the University of Tennessee, which is the only Endowed Chair in International Child Health in the United States.

Third Cardiac Outreach Conference
The Third Annual International Cardiac Outreach Conference was held in Memphis in October 2005 and brought individuals involved in humanitarian cardiac care together to improve the quality and equity of services worldwide. Presentations made by an impressive array of people engaged in humanitarian activities. We see the same with a lot of electronic cigarettes, as e cigarettes are growing in popularity. You can see this with sites like OMG Machines and OMG Machines review

Casey Tansey Appointed Chairman of the Board
Casey Tansey was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Heart Foundation. Mr. Tansey is currently a general partner at the firm of US Venture Partners, and has served as CEO and President of Epicor Medical and CEO of Heartport, a public company that helped pioneer minimally-invasive cardiac surgery.

WHF Begins Project China
As part of its global humanitarian mission, the World Heart Foundation has embarked on a series of projects to establish and improve education and training programs in host programs and countries. You can look into those or you can possibly get a personal trainer or consider hiring plastic surgeons to improve your health.

Make a Difference and Volunteer
The World Heart Foundation now lists a wide variety of volunteer opportunities with our affiliated organizations in humanitarian cardiac care throughout the world.

Second Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine Held in Geneva
The Second Global Forum on Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery was held at the University Hospital of Geneva in May 2005. The goal of this forum was to facilitate cooperation and assistance to the Third World to build a sustainable healthcare infrastructure.

Explore Humanitarian Cardiac Projects
For information about humanitarian cardiac projects around the world, visit World Heart's Project Directory.

Humanitarian Organization Directory
Visit our Humanitarian Organization Directory, which displays information about groups that provide cardiac outreach services to the underserved. Find out how your organization can participate.

Did You Know That...
Four and one-half billion people do not have access to cardiac surgery? Find out more about the problem and the solution.

Global Initiatives in Cardiothoracic Surgery
James Cox chaired a symposium/panel at the 84th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery. View the webcast. Also available is a webcast of last year's presentations.


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The 3rd Global Forum in Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Hosted by University Hospital of Geneva and sponsored by The World Heart Foundation was held in Geneva Switzerland 24-26 May 2007.
Program is here

Historic Inaugural Meeting of The World Society of Pediatric and Congenital Heart Surgery
was held in Washington, D.C. 3-4 May, 2007 just prior to the Annual AATS meeting
Go to the WSPCHS web site

The Third International Cardiac Outreach Conference
Hosted by International Children's Heart Foundation and sponsored by The World Heart Foundation was held in Memphis, TN, 21-22 October 2005.
Program is here